We have provided relief for many consumers who have been harassed or sued by Mel S. Harris & Associates, PC. If you been contacted by Mel S. Harris & Associates, PC contact Jason Shear Law for help. Mel S. Harris & Associates, PC is a debt collector that has been sued for unlawful debt collection practices in the past.

The Mel S. Harris & Associates law firm shut down and is no longer in business.  However, they are still listed in court records as the attorney of record for many judgments held by debt buyers. The Mel Harris law office represented debt buyers such as LR Credit, Pinpoint Technologies, Rushmore Recoveries, LVNV Funding, LLC, Crown Asset Management, LLC, Credit Acceptance Corporation, CVI Loan Gt Trust, North Star Capital, Winthrop Capital, Fortis Capital, NCO Portfolio Management & American Financial Services, Inc. If you were sued by Mel S. Harris & Associates contact our firm for representation. We can get the judgment vacated so that it is null & void.