Haunting Old Debt

Jason had assisted my husband with an old debt matter, so I immediately contacted him and inform him of an income execution letter I received in the mail from a debt over 19 years old (no previous contact from creditor or anything showing on my credit report). Mr. Shear scheduled an appointment for me to meet with him the following afternoon. I then hired Jason to represent me with this matter. Jason told me he would be requesting my file from the court, and once he had an opportunity to review the file he would draw up the proper paperwork to obtain a court date. Mr. Shear was always available for questions, and kept me updated as to what was taking place along the way. Needless to say the outcome couldn’t have been better. Jason was able to get the judgment executed vacated.

- Lisa ★★★★★

Don’t let collection agencies bully you!

Jason did an outstanding job for me. Had a shady collection agency out of Buffalo Freeze my savings account from an ancient credit card dept.. Had consulted with other attorneys and they said I’m screwed basically. Talked with Jason, who’s office was an hour away. He drove in three different times . Fought like hell for me in front of two different judges . The opposing attorney even brought in another attorney from a large firm in Buffalo. I was proud of my attorney. It was a battle. I could tell the judge was impressed . Judgement was lifted and account unfrozen. His flat rate was very fair and would hire him again .

- Paul ★★★★★

Job Well Done

After making a recent purchase I received in the mail a wage garnishment letter. This was the first time I was notified about this matter. I decided to Google Collection Lawyers where Jason’s name had appeared with a great testimony on how he helped another client out with a similar situation. At first, I wasn’t sure about obtaining a lawyer to assist me, but it was best thing I did. Jason’s knowledge (with outstanding debt time frames), fair in his pricing, and was available to help me right away. He informed me of what documentation I needed to provide him with, and continued to update me along the way. Jason was able to get this reversed since the debt collection agency did not follow proper protocol. A job well done!

- Ramon ★★★★★

Excellent Service

My first conversation with Mr. Jason A. Shear was enough to know I was in good hands. I explained my situation and he presented several options available to me. Due to my very hectic schedule Mr. Jason A Shear understood it would be difficult to make it to his office and had agreed to meet at a mutual location. I met with Mr. Jason A. Shear and was assured by him that he would do everything he could to help me. Which is exactly what he did. Mr. Jason A. Shear was able to explain all the sequences of events and a realistic timeline. He was available to answer all of my questions and expedited my case. My case was settled in a matter of months and I could not have been happier with the outcome. From the very first moment we spoke, he was concerned with the matter at hand, and dealt with it in the most efficient manner possible. I would recommend Mr. Jason A. Shear to anyone who requires a professional and knowledgable attorney.

- anonymous ★★★★★

Debt collection

I hired Jason Shear as my lawyer back in 2010 concerning a debt collection case. During this case that was quite stressful I might add Jason from the very beginning eased my frustration and stress. He immediately took charge of the situation and laid it all out for me. Jason showed excellent communication skills along with a pro active attitude. Jason assured me of good results and he delivered. Jason provided me with excellent communication and 4 years later I just hired Jason again with excellent results. I would definitely recommend Jason to anyone.

- John ★★★★★

Jason Shear Best Atty in Buffalo. Great with Commercial and Criminal Matters and has diverse to background to help you in cases

Mr Shear has worked on several cases as well legal matters on my behalf. The work that Mr. Shear conducted on my behalf entailed complex legal issues, and took place in diverse court systems and jurisdictions. Jason Shear has always delivered optimal results, within predefined time parameters and budget constraints. As an attorney Jason Shear has the knack and ability to turn extremely malevolent situations into very positive ones for his clients’. The truly best thing about this attorney is that like no other he goes above and beyond duty for his clients, he takes after hours calls, truly helps you understand, your situation the possible outcomes and his strategy to alleviate the situation.

- Syaed ★★★★★


What I LOVE about my lawyer Mr. Shear is that he had taken the time out to help me understand my legal matter and handle the matter in the up most professional way… He kept me informed on every step and didn’t stop until this account was satisfied with me and finalized … Where else do you find someone with this much care and concern… To top it off his fee was so little I had to give him extra. I would had owned a lot more on this account if my lawyer Mr. Jason A, Shear didn’t handle it. Thank you, Jason if you ever need me I’m there for you…You’ve helped me keep my reputation up and my credit score from falling… I would recommend this Lawyer to my family and friends. Thanks a million if I had a million I would give you half that’s how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me.. May the Almighty Bless You Jason along with many hugs and Kisses …

- Darleen ★★★★★

Happy ending after notorious Speeding Ticket

I was pulled over for the first time for speeding during my probationary period of just getting my license. This led to a very high fine, and then horrifyingly – suspension of my license! Upon receiving notification of the suspension – at which point some might say all is lost, I contacted Jason Shear for consultation of my options at that point. Jason handled my case with incredible care and persistence, finding the right process which ultimately even led to all points being removed from my driver’s abstract! From now on, Jason will be my first call from the start. Thank you!

- Deborah ★★★★★

Great Consumer Advocate Attorney

I was being sued by a Giant debt purchasing company and I hired Attorney Jason Shear to represent me. After 1 1/2 years of litigation he beat the Giant and won all 5 cases!!! In addition, he is a Great Attorney in many ways: He is very knowledgeable of the debt collection industry Laws and Regulations, he works on your case immediately and he deals with you directly. I would recommend him to anyone!!!

- Jason ★★★★★

If you need help, he is the lawyer to go to!

I had received a summons from a law group suing me on behalf of a credit card company. Not knowing what to do or where to go on how to handle this, I knew I needed a lawyer to guide me. I found Mr Shear on google and gave him a call. He was professional from the start. He told me what I needed to do, what he was going to do, and how this case was going to go. He took all the information I had in regards to the debt and explained that what the debt collection attorney had done to me that was in violation of the law…something I didn’t know and would have just paid them outright without question if I didn’t get the guidance from Mr. Shear. After a few weeks of going back and forth with their attorney, Mr. Shear called me with the great news that not only did they erase the debt, but I was also awarded a judgment for what they did. I could not have been more pleased. If you need someone on your side in dealing with this type of situation, talk to Mr. Shear. He is someone who will fight for you.

- Melissa ★★★★★