Clients come to Jason Shear Law with all kinds of debt. Much of this debt is comprised from different creditors, occurring over different time frames. Oftentimes, consumers will hire a debt settlement company as advertised on TV. Debt settlement companies often promise to consolidate or combine debts into one monthly payment. However, these companies fail to mention the large tax liability that will be created as a result of the loan consolidation. In other words, the consumer will have to pay taxes on the money which is saved through the forgiveness of the principal amount of the debt. What should be deemed as a helpful process can, in actuality, turn out to be a very stressful and upsetting situation. Should the creditor(s) decide to sue for unpaid debt(s), a debt settlement company cannot represent you so you are on your own – which can be very overwhelming!

At Jason Shear Law, we provide customized debt relief service. We will begin by examining your defaulted debts individually in order to determine which debts should be settled and which debts should not be settled. We can also determine the debts for which you will never be sued. You also may hear about other law offices bragging about the settlement amounts they obtained for their clients. Here at Jason Shear Law, we are known for our aggressive representation of our clients, so we obtain the lowest settlement amounts possible. Sometimes, we are even able to use the law to get debt collection cases dismissed altogether (see our Recent Results). Some attorneys may even push clients towards bankruptcy which may be an unnecessary and problematic option for that individual.

At Jason Shear Law, we are different. With over ten (10) years of legal experience helping consumers with all kinds of debtor/creditor issues, Jason Shear can individually and collectively examine all of your debts and devise a personalized plan which is the most affordable and advantageous to you. Contact us so that we can immediately begin to provide you with the debt relief you need and deserve. Buffalo, New York Debt Settlement Attorney Jason Shear can help you get the results you deserve.